Thoughts on the American Immigration System

Immigration is apparently a very controversial conversation to have nowadays, I don’t understand why. Its not really a controversial, people can have different opinions on the topic and still discuss it with civility. Here is my view and it is based on a mixture of economic facts and studies coupled with my personal experience.


First of all, it is absolute economic fact that immigration is a net good for any economy. However, the type of immigration is very important to consider. America has a very high number of illegal immigrants, more than 11 million. Some of these people pay taxes, many of them work, some of them are on welfare, and many of them are working in very low skilled occupations. This is a problem because it is a gross disrespect of American laws and immigration processes. It may also be suppressing wages in low skilled jobs and pushing lower skilled Americans out of the workforce. The left wishes to provide most or all of these individuals with a path to citizenship even though they broke the law, disrespected the American immigration process, and are using our national resources without being entitled to it. I’m guessing they want to legalize these people’s immigration status because they will have created a massive new block of reliable Democratic voters.


Main issues I see:

  • High number of illegal immigrants
  • Confusing immigration process that has too many different types of visas and systems
  • No clear goal on what kind of people we want immigrating to our country


America is the richest country in the world, the most powerful military power in the world, and is the global leader in personal freedom and innovation. Nobody is entitled to come here, just because some poor guy from Guatemala got to the border because he was being persecuted back home doesn’t mean he is entitled to be here, he should be sent back and the Guatemalan Government should pay for his transportation costs. I come from a family of immigrants and my family did immigration the right way and the legal way. My parents and uncles and aunts were highly skilled Doctors, Software Engineers, Management Consultants, Accountants, and Entrepreneurs who had fluent English communication abilities and were able to support themselves without any government assistance. This is the type of immigrant we should want coming to America. A merit based system would be far better than what we currently have. We’ve got a myriad of ridiculous programs that utilize lotteries and other nonsense such as the H1B, EAD, OPT, F1, Green Card, Diversity Visa, B1, etc. and it should be simplified and implemented in a fashion that will ensure we get the best people here. We should at least temporarily end all asylum and refugee programs because having people from Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Bangladesh, or El Salvador with little to no human capital or financial capital is going to create a burden on our country rather than a strength. Many of these folks cannot speak English, depend on the welfare system, are dangerously orthodox in their religious or social views, and do not fit in with the American culture or lifestyle. I will never understand why America allows refugees from countries we are either at war with or hostile with such as Iran or Somalia, it makes absolutely no sense. But when was common sense virtue in Washington?


This is the kind of immigration system I think we should aim for:

  • A 500,000-1,500,000 highly skilled immigrants every year.
    • They should be proficient in English communication, they should be tested on this.
    • They should have highly advanced skills, degrees, certifications, or professional abilities. Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Bankers, Executives, Athletes, Bankers, etc. would fit the bill.
    • They should take part in a cultural test or interview that would help to determine whether their beliefs are in line with American values. Of course they can be trained to lie on this but it wouldn’t be too difficult to spot a lie in a personal interview, especially if you are asking tough questions.
    • An in-depth security background check and multiple letters of recommendation from family members, friends, colleagues, teachers, and superiors.
    • A medical test to check for pretty much everything.
    • Proof of financial independence (i.e. they have enough money to initially support themselves once they get here and will not depend on welfare).
    • This work visa will allow them to bring their spouse and live here for 5 years, if their spouse is a skilled worker they will have to go through their own immigration process, if not they will not be allowed to work or study here but can live here. They can bring children under the age of 18 after a less intensive but tough background check.
    • During the 5 years: they pay their taxes every year, do not file for bankruptcy or default on their obligations, never fall into any legal trouble other than minor traffic related incidents, have no black-marks on their employment file, and go through another round of security and culture checks. Then they can get Permanent Residency which will allow them to live here for 10 years and not require a formal work sponsor, they can work where they choose, start a business, etc.
    • After another 5 years if they follow this process they may become eligible for U.S. Citizenship, fast tracked if they serve in the Military or Police Force.
    • Rules as a Permanent Resident: cannot sponsor siblings, parents, adult children, or extended family for work visas or permanent residency. Can bring up to 5 people on tourist visa for 6 months, no access to American social services.
    • Only allowed to sponsor a total of 5 people after gaining Citizenship, they must high-skilled workers or students, no free loaders.
  • Business Visas for immigrants who would like to come here and invest and/or start a business venture.
    • They will go through the same security check process and must prove they are going to start a credible business and are not a fly by the night operation.
  • Student Visas for immigrants who would like to come here and get an education.
    • Same security check process and will not get special treatment when applying for a work visa after they graduate here.
  • Temporary Guest Workers for low-skilled positions:
    • Same security check process and will be allowed to come in for 6 months to 1 year at a time to work on relatively low-skilled positions such as restaurants, construction, agriculture, auto repair, etc. This can be adjusted depending on economic need. No access to American social services.


Things to avoid:

  • There should be no diversity quota, we should aim for the strong type of immigrants listed above.
  • We should not allow people in from war torn or terror prone countries, it is a terrible idea that has not worked out in recent years.
  • No immigrant should have access to welfare, Medicaid, CHIP, etc.
  • Anyone considered a threat to the U.S. should be deported immediately.


I think ridding ourselves of illegal immigration should not be too difficult. If we build a large border wall and fix it up with advanced technology such as drones and sensors, we should be able to stem illegal immigration. It may also be prudent to have military snipers on guard tower portions of the wall at the high smuggling areas and threaten to shoot if the smugglers do not leave. We need to take border crossing very seriously, terrorists could start sneaking through the border and wreak havoc. We should make illegal immigration a criminal offense and allow shoot at sight on the border if human smugglers are not complying with demands to step away from the border. We must deport all current illegal immigrants both physically and with a new Federal ID system that assigns ID’s automatically to all U.S. Citizens and Legal aliens and is required in order to be hired for any job or the employer will be prosecuted. Most of the illegals will not be able to find work and will leave, we should allow them to slip across the border or get on planes to get the hell out. They should never be allowed to return due to their flagrant violation of our rules. Having a weak border will also exacerbate our problems if we are ever at war and someone tries to invade.


Our American immigration system is broken and maybe President Trump, Senator Tom Cotton (R, AR), and Senator David Perdue (R, GA) are onto something with their new RAISE Act, but unfortunately I doubt it will ever pass in the Senate which is filled with perpetual losers who are loyal to their lobbyists and campaign contributors, not to their country. The lazy citizens of America should probably take an interest and vote them out.


This is Saint Reagan signing off.


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