More thoughts on the possible Korean War

With the media flailing around as usual it would seem like war with North Korea was imminent. President Trump and North Korean Communist Dictator Kim-Jong Un are trading barbs at each other. Secretary of Defense Ret. Gen. James Mattis warns Kim-Jong Un that his country will be destroyed if he attacks the United States or its allies. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson aims to get U.N. Sanctions enforced at the highest levels and calls for the world to isolate North Korea. It seems as if war may happen any minute. Lets break this down. While I believe risks are very high right now, I’ve got a contrarian view on things.

Just to clarify, I do not think we should’ve gone into Iraq or Vietnam, but I do think the Korean war was justified and was worth it. Many members of the South Korean, U.S., Australian, and British Armed Forces lost their lives and for their ultimate sacrifice a Democracy was saved, millions were saved from massacre, and a powerful nation emerged. South Korea is ahead of North Korea in every measure. They are a very wealthy nation, have a strong framework of laws and justice, have a very powerful and technologically sophisticated military, have a healthy and educated population, and are a major force for Asian and global economic growth. They are a strong trade and military ally of the United States and Japan. Our country really protected and nurtured something great. We helped them protect their land and they built an amazing nation. The South Korean people should be commended for how they rose out of the rubble to build an economic powerhouse that we now know as the Republic of Korea. After years of friction with the north since the armistice of 1953, war tensions are rising once again and it is possible that North Korea may attack U.S. territory such as Guam, its neighbor to the south, or Japan. Risks are particularly high because it is highly probably that the rogue regime to the North may have developed the technology to miniaturize nuclear material and develop their own arsenal of nuclear warheads. They have now directly threatened the U.S. territory of Guam which hosts a large Naval installation. They are rarely ever this specific and a North Korean military leader indicated that Kim-Jon Un has ordered a battle plan to strike Guam. President Trump, U.S. Defense Secretary General James Mattis, South Korean & Japanese Military Leaders, and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull have all warned the North Korean regime that it will be decimated if they attack the United States or its allies. There is no doubt in my mind that we can militarily defeat the North, South Korea has got a fantastic military capability and you can add Japan, Australia, and the United States which has the most powerful military on earth and beyond. We will burn their nation to the ground in war. Hell, China has said they will not help the North if they hit U.S. territory. Even if China were to intervene militarily, they would not be able to win and World War III would likely commence if the United States and China went into direct combat. China displayed strength during the last Korean War (1950-1953) but they would have been defeated and the whole Korean peninsula would have been taken by U.N. troops if not were the then President Harry Truman’s milquetoast behavior. He fired revered General Douglas MacArthur when he was planning to bomb the Chinese and North Korean troops and take all the land for a unified Korea. China will probably interfere indirectly like they did last time but may not escalate fully because it would hurt them economically and they will not be able to win. China has the largest standing military on earth at 2.5 million but they are still not as technologically advanced, battle ready, or experienced to win a direct war with the United States. The U.S. Navy’s force project capability alone is what makes China not risk direct confrontation with the United States. They know that they can never win. No military in the world can defeat the United States in a conventional war such as World War II.

Now the U.S. is getting much smarter with guerrilla warfare and cyber warfare but the Washington elites have still not learnt from the foreign policy mistakes of the past. Invading Vietnam and Iraq were misguided and misinformed, we always demonstrate military superiority and then we get bogged down in the diplomacy and foreign relations part. If the U.S.’s only goal in Vietnam was conventional military victory and then leaving, we would’ve won. But by then there was too much political correctness, lack of public support for the war, inability to get the South Vietnamese organized, ready, and motivated to fight for their homeland, and a weak battle and diplomatic strategy. The United States should go to war only when it is absolutely unavoidable and when there is a very strong and credible diplomatic and political strategy after the military victory. We win wars all the time but our diplomatic and political strategy is weak. Look at the success of post-WWII and Korea, the reasons for that are that the places where we won had a lot of strong human capital, our diplomatic and political strategy was well defined and executed perfectly. It took a while for South Korea to recover but now they have emerged as a powerhouse. Iraq and Afghanistan didn’t work out because of the lack of human capital, inability to admit truths after the military victory, and a misguided attempt to build these countries up like post-war Germany or Korea. Iraq and Afghanistan have very little valuable human capital and they are not equally developed as Germans or Koreans. They still live in a very tribal manner, hold unscientific prejudices and views which affects their economies, and believe in a generally extreme and backward way of life. Very few people are highly educated and productive so it is never going to be possible for them to make the countries successful and highly productive, the Bush Administration miscalculated here and it costs us a lot in blood and treasure. We should’ve just taken our military victories and left or we shouldn’t have invaded with a conventional force. North Korea poses a problem in multiple ways, we may not be able to strike them first due to the likelihood of a situation like Iraq emerging after the military victory. North Korea is filled brainwashed communist slaves who may not be able to reintegrate in a United Korea, China may try to stop a reunification effort, and many allied civilians and military personnel will die in the war. And the financial cost is scary to imagine. Iraq and Afghanistan were relatively small wars compared to WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and even the Persian Gulf War. Just those wars are estimated to have costed anywhere from $3-6 Trillion. A war in Korea against a million plus North Korean soldiers plus possible Chinese interference and costs of rebuilding could cost all the allied parties involved trillions of dollars. The U.S. and Japan are heavily indebted nations and it will hit our nations particularly hard and you can count on liberal scum protesting on the streets all over the world against the war, even if Kim hits us first.


So what are we to do?

I’m not an academic or policy expert on foreign policy, international relations, or military strategy. I’m just a guy who reads a lot about these matters and have an opinion. Diplomacy first is important, we should continue the pressure campaign on China and other Asia-Pacific nations to isolate and starve Pyongyang and Comrade Kim. We should sanction all banks and businesses doing business with the regime and we should covertly increase American military presence in the area. Adding more strike groups and 50,000 ground troops would be a good idea. Missile defense in the area should also be beefed up. I think the United States should keep the peace and be prepared for immediate military action. We shouldn’t strike unless he is preparing to or has launched another missile. For example if he tries to hit Guam, our military should shoot it out of the sky and start a bombing campaign to take out his heavy artillery pieces and nuclear sites and the allied force should invade the North. It would also be prudent to hack into and break down his technological infrastructure. The allied Naval force should hit his Navy and take out all his weapons. South Korea should lead the ground invasion and should take the fight to them with such overwhelming force as to completely shock them into weakness. Meanwhile, the State Department should war Beijing and Moscow to back off and not intervene militarily other than to protect their own borders.


We should try our best to avoid military conflict but if the inevitable happens, we should expect nothing less than absolute and decisive victory. God bless the United States of America and her Armed Forces.


This is Saint Reagan signing off

Thoughts on the American Immigration System

Immigration is apparently a very controversial conversation to have nowadays, I don’t understand why. Its not really a controversial, people can have different opinions on the topic and still discuss it with civility. Here is my view and it is based on a mixture of economic facts and studies coupled with my personal experience.


First of all, it is absolute economic fact that immigration is a net good for any economy. However, the type of immigration is very important to consider. America has a very high number of illegal immigrants, more than 11 million. Some of these people pay taxes, many of them work, some of them are on welfare, and many of them are working in very low skilled occupations. This is a problem because it is a gross disrespect of American laws and immigration processes. It may also be suppressing wages in low skilled jobs and pushing lower skilled Americans out of the workforce. The left wishes to provide most or all of these individuals with a path to citizenship even though they broke the law, disrespected the American immigration process, and are using our national resources without being entitled to it. I’m guessing they want to legalize these people’s immigration status because they will have created a massive new block of reliable Democratic voters.


Main issues I see:

  • High number of illegal immigrants
  • Confusing immigration process that has too many different types of visas and systems
  • No clear goal on what kind of people we want immigrating to our country


America is the richest country in the world, the most powerful military power in the world, and is the global leader in personal freedom and innovation. Nobody is entitled to come here, just because some poor guy from Guatemala got to the border because he was being persecuted back home doesn’t mean he is entitled to be here, he should be sent back and the Guatemalan Government should pay for his transportation costs. I come from a family of immigrants and my family did immigration the right way and the legal way. My parents and uncles and aunts were highly skilled Doctors, Software Engineers, Management Consultants, Accountants, and Entrepreneurs who had fluent English communication abilities and were able to support themselves without any government assistance. This is the type of immigrant we should want coming to America. A merit based system would be far better than what we currently have. We’ve got a myriad of ridiculous programs that utilize lotteries and other nonsense such as the H1B, EAD, OPT, F1, Green Card, Diversity Visa, B1, etc. and it should be simplified and implemented in a fashion that will ensure we get the best people here. We should at least temporarily end all asylum and refugee programs because having people from Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Bangladesh, or El Salvador with little to no human capital or financial capital is going to create a burden on our country rather than a strength. Many of these folks cannot speak English, depend on the welfare system, are dangerously orthodox in their religious or social views, and do not fit in with the American culture or lifestyle. I will never understand why America allows refugees from countries we are either at war with or hostile with such as Iran or Somalia, it makes absolutely no sense. But when was common sense virtue in Washington?


This is the kind of immigration system I think we should aim for:

  • A 100-250k highly skilled immigrants every year.
    • They should be proficient in English communication, they should be tested on this.
    • They should have highly advanced skills, degrees, certifications, or professional abilities. Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Bankers, Executives, Athletes, Bankers, etc. would fit the bill.
    • They should take part in a cultural test or interview that would help to determine whether their beliefs are in line with American values. Of course they can be trained to lie on this but it wouldn’t be too difficult to spot a lie in a personal interview, especially if you are asking tough questions.
    • An in-depth security background check and multiple letters of recommendation from family members, friends, colleagues, teachers, and superiors.
    • A medical test to check for pretty much everything.
    • Proof of financial independence (i.e. they have enough money to initially support themselves once they get here and will not depend on welfare).
    • This work visa will allow them to bring their spouse and live here for 5 years, if their spouse is a skilled worker they will have to go through their own immigration process, if not they will not be allowed to work or study here but can live here. They can bring children under the age of 18 after a less intensive but tough background check.
    • During the 5 years: they pay their taxes every year, do not file for bankruptcy or default on their obligations, never fall into any legal trouble other than minor traffic related incidents, have no black-marks on their employment file, and go through another round of security and culture checks. Then they can get Permanent Residency which will allow them to live here for 10 years and not require a formal work sponsor, they can work where they choose, start a business, etc.
    • After another 5 years if they follow this process they may become eligible for U.S. Citizenship, fast tracked if they serve in the Military or Police Force.
    • Rules as a Permanent Resident: cannot sponsor siblings, parents, adult children, or extended family for work visas or permanent residency. Can bring up to 5 people on tourist visa for 6 months, no access to American social services.
    • Only allowed to sponsor a total of 5 people after gaining Citizenship, they must high-skilled workers or students, no free loaders.
  • Business Visas for immigrants who would like to come here and invest and/or start a business venture.
    • They will go through the same security check process and must prove they are going to start a credible business and are not a fly by the night operation.
  • Student Visas for immigrants who would like to come here and get an education.
    • Same security check process and will not get special treatment when applying for a work visa after they graduate here.
  • Temporary Guest Workers for low-skilled positions:
    • Same security check process and will be allowed to come in for 6 months to 1 year at a time to work on relatively low-skilled positions such as restaurants, construction, agriculture, auto repair, etc. This can be adjusted depending on economic need. No access to American social services.


Things to avoid:

  • There should be no diversity quota, we should aim for the strong type of immigrants listed above.
  • We should not allow people in from war torn or terror prone countries, it is a terrible idea that has not worked out in recent years.
  • No immigrant should have access to welfare, Medicaid, CHIP, etc.
  • Anyone considered a threat to the U.S. should be deported immediately.


I think ridding ourselves of illegal immigration should not be too difficult. If we build a large border wall and fix it up with advanced technology such as drones and sensors, we should be able to stem illegal immigration. It may also be prudent to have military snipers on guard tower portions of the wall at the high smuggling areas and threaten to shoot if the smugglers do not leave. We need to take border crossing very seriously, terrorists could start sneaking through the border and wreak havoc. We should make illegal immigration a criminal offense and allow shoot at sight on the border if human smugglers are not complying with demands to step away from the border. We must deport all current illegal immigrants both physically and with a new Federal ID system that assigns ID’s automatically to all U.S. Citizens and Legal aliens and is required in order to be hired for any job or the employer will be prosecuted. Most of the illegals will not be able to find work and will leave, we should allow them to slip across the border or get on planes to get the hell out. They should never be allowed to return due to their flagrant violation of our rules. Having a weak border will also exacerbate our problems if we are ever at war and someone tries to invade.


Our American immigration system is broken and maybe President Trump, Senator Tom Cotton (R, AR), and Senator David Perdue (R, GA) are onto something with their new RAISE Act, but unfortunately I doubt it will ever pass in the Senate which is filled with perpetual losers who are loyal to their lobbyists and campaign contributors, not to their country. The lazy citizens of America should probably take an interest and vote them out.


This is Saint Reagan signing off.


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The Pussification of the American Man

I believe that many of you along with myself have noticed that a large part of the American population has become, for lack of a better word pussies. Wusses, wimps, cowards, milquetoast, weakling, pansy, or whatever the hell you want to call it. Don’t get me wrong, America is still pretty tough as a nation, toughest in the world anyway. We’ve still got some gun toting, brawny, capitalist alpha males who get shit done. But our young men are at risk of not evolving into that kind of man. I worry deeply that this degeneration in young men will lead to the ruin of our country. Strong young men have lead every empire to greatness and their degeneration has lead to ruin which is what the liberals want. If there is World War, how many of our young men are ready to go to war and kill the enemy without mercy? Are they even physically fit? Can they handle a rifle? Can they scale a mountain with a 50 lb pack? Can they go hand to hand with the enemy and win? Can they protect their homeland? I’m starting to have serious doubts about these questions. Young men aren’t healthy enough to go through rapid training and go to the front, not with a 75% overweight/obesity rate in America. You can bet your ass that Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea (in NK even 5 year olds are reservists) have fit young men ready to die for their countries. Our young men our being indoctrinated in an educational system that teaches being masculine and warrior-like is wrong, that our country is evil, that capitalism is wrong, and that all war is immoral. They are growing up with these ridiculous opinions and neglecting to keep themselves ready for what life throws at them. Instead of learning useful skills, they protest for welfare. Do you see the negative pattern developing here? Instead of spending a 100 hours becoming proficient at Microsoft Excel for a job, these young “men” are protesting for a universal basic income. When did American boys become so weak as to expect money from the government for doing absolutely nothing? They eat pizza 5 days a week, play video games until 3 AM, barely get through their school or jobs, and don’t spend time improving themselves. They protest and whine because they aren’t ready for war. War doesn’t necessarily mean World War II or The American Revolution, I mean the war of life. Life is as tough and generally tougher as any actual war because life includes actual war, peace, death, pain, loss, financial difficulty, rejection, and all the hell anyone could ever imagine. If you are tough, disciplined, and continuously working on yourself you can mitigate this pain and rise to heights that no one including yourself could imagine.


Radical feminists and cultural marxists in our education system, media, and even irresponsible parents teach our boys from a young age that being a boy is wrong. What is a boy to do? I didn’t really experience this as a kid. I liked Batman, the color blue, and I thought being a billionaire crime fighter like Bruce Wayne with hot girlfriends was the coolest shit ever. That is what I aspired to be and still kind of do. Nowadays, boys are being taught that this is wrong and that they should play with barbies, not fight or curse, and be as feminine as possible. Femininity is good and masculinity is wrong. If I got into a heated argument with another kid as a 15 year old, I fought them and usually won. I didn’t use my friggin’ words and “I messages” because teenage boys are supposed to fight and you know what? The kid and I were friends and hanging out about 15 minutes later. That’s how boys are. It is in our nature to be rough and tough. We rarely spend a lot of time talking shit about each other behind other peoples backs and we don’t take things too seriously. We aren’t hypersensitive and we’re not women. And trying to make men women is highly dangerous because once you neuter men, there is no one to protect the homestead and the country. Men need to have that killer instinct because it is what enables us to survive. These young boys don’t have that. They go through their easy lives and whine and complain about nonexistent problems. The warriors of World War II would be ashamed to see their progeny turn into this. Boys need strong male role models in their lives to ensure their success and growth into a strong man, this will mostly be a father and/or brother, uncle, grandfather, etc. A lot of these boys are punks because of terrible parenting and their fathers should be blamed. I recently saw a video of a “progressive father” teaching his 4 year old son that he can be a boy or a girl and the kid is apparently transgender now. What the hell is this? The kid isn’t old enough to choose his bedtime or breakfast but he chooses his orientation. I’m going to be blunt, his father is wuss and a huge idiot. He is essentially pushing his son to be a girl and is intentionally emasculating him, he sure is politically correct but a poor father. He is using his son as a political too because it is now trendy to be non-gender or transgender or whatever the hell the liberals come up with next.

Men need to do the following in order to be ready for the war that is life:

  • Be physically healthy and fit. Cardiovascular endurance, strength training, and martial arts are key.
  • Be able to defend yourself, your family, and your property. Learn to fight (I recommend boxing or Jiu-Jitsu) and learn how to use a firearm proficiently.
  • Become resilient. Nobody can put you down expect yourself, get up and get to work!
  • Continuously improve yourself. Identify skills and abilities you want to have and work towards them. Read books, watch videos, listen audio lectures/podcasts, take courses, get extra formal education/certifications, do whatever is necessary to get better at your chosen craft and achieve your goals.
  • Do not whine or complain about “societal or institutional oppression”, especially if you live in America. That is a bullshit excuse and you know it, anyone can achieve anything in this country. This country has produced so many millionaires and billionaires that you wouldn’t even believe it, shut the hell up and get to work.
  • Be ready for a fight at all times. Whether it is a fight against an attacker, a fight with yourself to get better, or a fight against the myriad of difficulties that life will throw your way on your way to success.


These are real men:


These are questionable:


Do not be questionable, be men. Young men of America, stop being indoctrinated and embrace your true self. Grow a pair and be a man. To hell with feminism (women and men have equal legal rights), the protests, and all the bullshit. Work on yourself and grow up.


This is Saint Reagan signing off