The Republican Party has abandoned Capitalism

After a bit of analysis and review, I have concluded the majority of the Republican Party has abandoned the idea of capitalism, free markets, and limited government. This is a damn shame and the only to fix this situation is to either resurrect capitalism within the GOP or start a new political party that make into national elections.


Why I think the GOP has abandoned capitalism:

  • Many are unwilling to repeal Obamacare and let free markets handle healthcare services and insurance.
  • Members are supporting maintaining or increasing Medicaid spending even though it is a welfare program supported by taxpayer dollars.
  • They have not voted to eliminate all subsidies and government support of private businesses.
  • They have not focused on passing a flat tax or consumption tax reform system that would make taxes truly equitable and likely increase revenues.
  • Almost no one in the party has introduced bills and voted on cutting spending massively and privatizing government assets to pay off debt.
  • The GOP has not repealed job crushing regulation such as Dodd-Frank, the Clean Power Plan, and ObamaCare.
  • They haven’t eliminated ridiculous government departments like Education, Energy , HUD, Commerce, EPA, etc.
  • They have not been for eliminating almost all general regulations and legislation introduced without cost and benefits analysis.

The GOP is now the party of socially conservative, fiscally liberal politicians. Let that sink in for a moment. Something needs to be done, this is no longer the party of Reagan.


This is Saint Reagan signing off


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