The Republican Capitulation

I’ve talked a little bit in my posts about my political evolution. I generally consider myself a person with mixed political views that doesn’t fit into the standard left and right political spectrum, nor am I a centrist. I am out of the these chains with my own sets of ideas and views. If I had to use a label it might be Classically Liberal with a Hawkish Military view. Think of people like Milton Friedman, F.A. Hayek, Thomas Sowell, Ronald Reagan, etc. While, I greatly admire many Republicans, I dislike the state of the party and its members today.

The Republican party attempted to repeal the monstrosity that is the “Affordable Care” Act (Obamacare) and they failed due to betrayal from members of their own party. The majority of the betrayals came from those you would expect: the “moderates/centrists” of the GOP such as Senators John McCain (AZ), Susan Collins (ME), and Lisa Murkowksi (AK). This just proves that the Republicans are a joke of a party with feckless leadership and a mostly useless President. President Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan cannot even lead their party to concrete legislative victory after 7 years of repeal promises and getting all the power they requested from voters. They asked for the House of Representatives, they got it in 2010. They asked for the Senate, they got it in 2014. They asked for the White House, they got it in 2016. This time people thought they would actually get something done, big mistake!

The Republican party is filled with members who are “moderate” and do not have the political will to do what is necessary and what is right for the country. They know that Obamacare was the first step on the process to the abomination of socialized/single-payer healthcare that will ruin America. Free markets and free enterprise work, which is why America is the richest and most powerful country in the world. We have the most billionaires because free enterprise without government involvement generates brilliant results and lower costs, higher quality, innovation, and enhanced services and goods for consumers. The government does not have an obligation to provide the American people with anything other than: military defense of the nation, its allies, and its interests, safety and security, the rule of law and contractual enforcement, and limiting government involvement in the economy and society so as to create a situation conducive to personal success. The government does not guarantee happiness, our constitutional rights give you the right to do what you need to do (within legal limits) in order to achieve your dreams. The Republicans at one point believed in these principles and ideas and now they claim to still believe in those ideas but refuse to take the political action that is necessary to prove it.


Republicans in Congress and President Trump promised the repeal of Obamacare and members of their own party refuse to support the bill due to worries about people losing “insurance”. The Congressional Budget Office or CBO scores legislation to predict the impact it will have on the economy, the federal budget, key metrics, etc. and they predicted that anywhere from 20-33 million Americans will lose their “insurance.” The reason I put insurance in quotations marks is that a large number of Americans who have “insurance” don’t actually have it. People on Medicaid are on welfare and they are sucking taxpayer money, that is not insurance. People who have private insurance that covers basically nothing with massive premiums and deductibles is not real insurance. Many people do not want comprehensive insurance and some people don’t want it at all, but Obamacare forces them to buy it or pay a fine if they don’t, which many people choose to do. If the individual mandate requirement of everyone being insured is repealed, many people will drop their insurance which they deem as unnecessary and many people on Medicaid who are able bodied will be taken off the welfare rolls. That is the actual effect if the CBO’s prediction is even close to correct which it rarely ever is. Republicans have constituents on Medicaid and receive lots of money from the Insurance industry which conspired with the Obama Administration and the Democratic Congress to create a system which requires people buy insurance, AKA guaranteed insurance profits. It didn’t really work out for the insurance companies because people dropped their artificially expensive and mostly useless coverage and elected to just pay the fine. Medicaid is not insurance and it is immoral to suggest that people are entitled to other peoples money, ideas, or labor. Healthcare is a service not a right. Just like you aren’t guaranteed food, you will not be guaranteed healthcare. “Economics is the study of scarce resources with alternative uses” said the great Thomas Sowell. Government cannot solve problems, they can make trade offs just like any other economic decision in life. Healthcare services are scarce and cannot be just given to everyone, all other countries government run medical systems are abject failures. The U.K., Germany, and Australia are now jokes and sobering looks at nations that were once great.


Insurance is a mechanism to protect against a future, possible unknown event or risk. Going to the doctor for a regular check up for example, ensures that you are in good health and are taking the medications or medical decisions necessary to protect against a future event such as getting diabetes or cirrhosis of the liver. You do not deserve healthcare even though you already committed many health mistakes and ruined your body, you will have to pay the extra costs to deal with your health mistakes or general bad luck. It is not the obligation of someone else to pay for it.


If Republicans do not make good on their promise, they will likely lose their Congressional majorities and President Trump may not be reelected. The country is burning because politicians do not have the will to do what is right. This country is burning because the American people are lazy, soft, entitled, weak, and are not willing to do what is necessary to save their country. This Great American Republic, the last place on earth that is worth a damn is burning and it is falling. Contact your Representatives and Senators and work to get answers, many of you want Obamacare gone. Demand it.

Save our country, no one else will.


This is Saint Reagan signing off


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